K2543 ignition kit

I like to install the k2543 ignition kit to an old BMW boxer engine with points and manual advance.
The question is if I can replace the points with a non contact sensor, like a hall sensor ,
and if this device is capable of automatic advance ?

Please your advise


Hi, I think this is not possible.
The automatic advance is located in the part of the contact points (with springs that change the ignition moment in function of the rotating speed).
If you replace the contact points with a hall sensor or inductive sensor, the ignition timing will be fixed.
These boxer engines run low revs, so you can leave the contact points. The power (switching of the HV coil) will take over the power transistor.
The contact points will have a very long life.
In your case, use the original BOSCH contact points !!



Are you talking about a /2 BMW, made before 1970? These bikes have magneto ignition, not coil + battery (the bike’s battery is just for the lights). With magneto ignition, the advantages of the K2543 kit are lost. The kit solves this problem; in coil+battery ignition a lot of amps pass through the points, burning them after a few thousand miles. But with magnetos, the points current has low amps, so the point last.

That is the end result of the K2543 kit, so there is no use in fitting it.