K2400 uploading firmware

I recently bought a new ESP32 module (WPB109) voor my K2400 kit. But when I uploaded the firmware that I got from the velleman site of the K2400 kit. the leds are on but not changing collars etc. also the time starts on 00.00.00 and it is not responding to my color changes by the site and not de normal greenwich time does anyone have a working .ino file with the correct libraries for me? when I use the ones from github 50% of the leds are but on the collor green and also not changing.

Hello @lvelsink

Normally if you have connected the clock via your wireless network, the clock should light up green, which I can also deduce from your description.

That will say:
“The watchface should now be a green orbiting circle indicating the network connection process (no longer in access point mode).”

After this, you can find the specified name of the clock in the WiFi settings (available connections).

Either you use the Desktop application, note that the computer must be connected to the same network to which the clock is connected (same router).

Latest working firmware and correct libraries:

Discover tool for PC:


Normaal gesproken zou de klok groen moeten oplichten als je de klok met jouw draadloos netwerk hebt verbodnen. Wat ik ook uit je beschrijving kan afleiden. Wil zeggen:
De wijzerplaat zou nu een groene cirkel moeten zijn die het netwerkverbindingsproces aangeeft (niet langer in de toegangspuntmodus).

Hierna kun je de opgegeven naam van de klok vinden in de WiFi-instellingen (beschikbare verbindingen).

Ofwel gebruikt u de Desktop-applicatie, let op: de computer moet verbonden zijn met hetzelfde netwerk waarop de klok is aangesloten (dezelfde router).

Laatst werkende firmware met correcte bibliotheken:

Hulptool om de klok in uw netwerk terug te vinden (DHCP):

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

Currently when I’m connected I indeed get the green circle but it isnt compleeting when I look in the serial logger I see this (IP’s striped away).

but I can also see it in my network but I wont respond first I also had that it stuk on the setDualAntennaConfig but now not anymore the time is showing correctly in the discover tool and on the web.

But the clock shows this:

(my cable connection is on the top) How to get out of this state?

The responses in the app are registerd because when I edited the GMT offset the time changed…

@VEL450 do you have some other things I can try?

Problem solved. I used Arduino IDE Version 1.8.9 but the ESP32 Version changed to 1.0.6 and as board selected ESP32 Dev module