K1200 K1201 programming not working

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I have at home the Velleman K1200 programmable watch and K1201 programming cradle. Which I am programming for my father in law.(He originally soldered it together)
Now I am trying to program this through the Arduino IDE, the code compiles fine, but the uploading fails.
It gives a AVRDude error and says it “programmer not responding” which it tries to get it to respond 10 times before it exits.

Now, I have two suspicions which may be causing this, but I don’t know for sure.
First off, in the Arduino IDE you can select a programmer under the board select option in one of the dropdown menu’s.
I don’t what the K1201 officially falls under so I can’t select a programmer here, does anybody know what to select?

Other theory. The K1201 has the wrong pins soldered.
This theory is based on the original K1201 pictures and the pictures of the cradle that replaced the K1201.
This is the original, and you can see that on the top and bottom the gold pins are soldered into RST.

In the assembly manual on Whadda(the same for the replacement cradle) they are soldered into GND.

The one I have at home is soldered into GND.
Could this be the issue and do I need to resolder them?
Thank you already

Hello @TryToProgramWatch

For Programming with Arduino IDE you’ll need to select the board type as: LilyPad Arduino

Follow these instructions:

The pogo pins mounted on RST or GND for SK12 & SK14 on either image, doesn’t matter.
They are used for PCB stability during programming.

The programming pins are mounted on SK10 & SK11.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this.

Kind regards,
Velleman Support

Thank you.

Good to know the RST/GND don’t matter there.
I know the LilyPad arduino is the board for the K1200. What I wanted to know was what the “programmer” is in the Arduino IDE for the the K1201.

Thank you already for the information you have supplied me with.

Hello @TryToProgramWatch

You don’t need to select any programmer type because for programming we don’t use any external programmer like AVRISP mkII flash tool or others.

Before compiling, change your board to LilyPad Arduino and select the ATmega328 as the processor. Also, select the correct Port.

When you are about to upload the code to the watch firmly press the watch onto the cradle.
Do this until the code has been uploaded. If it failed, please check the orientation of the watch and also make sure the gold contacts are clean.

Velleman Support


I have already tried all of what you have mentioned. Both orientations for the watch on the cradle, cleaning the contacts with pure alcohol, pressing the watch down. I have followed all the steps in the instructions and I couldn’t get it to work. Is there anything that you know that could be causing this(Like a frequently occurring issue?).
Thank you already


Hello @TryToProgramWatch

Can post a picture of the error or what’s not working?

Make sure that the USB cable is a data cable “2.0 version” and not a charging cable.
Don’t us USB hub, directly to usb port of computer. Lenght of USB cable not > 0,5m.
try if possible another usb port.

Best regards,
Velleman Support