Jerky Movement at low feedrates

I’m converting my printer to a cnc router.
I use BOCNC as CAM.

My problem is that the x and y axis move in an interrupted way. But only at low speeds.
G1 X100 F500 for example.

Can someone input this Code and send it to the printer and say if he has the same problem.


The stepper drives miss one microstep. … stuck.html

I’m using DRV8825 Drivers at 24V 10A Power Supply with 15x 1.000uF extra Capacitors.
Right now I configured 16 microsteps.
Will try 32.
But I thing its a Firmware issure (math calculation or something with acceleration).

Changed the microstepping from 16 to 32 and no change.
oscillation frequency is just the same. (about 2Hz)
So timer overrun in stepper.cpp is not the problem

I will measure the STEP Pin at the drivers next week with my scope.
We will see if this is a software or hardware / mechanical problem.