Issue with driver board e-axis

Hello All,

I just bought my first 3D printer. After some evenings putting the printer together I finally tried to load the fillament. Unfortunately, the printer does not load the fillament, it seems like the driver is broken. I checked the motor by checking the resistance (both coils ~2.5ohm), I checked the cable, that seems also alright. Finally, I used a driver board of another axis and plugged that into the socket for the e-axis and yes, it works. So I come to the conlusion that there is something wrong with the driver board I placed on the e-axis in first instance.
So I made a ticked to ask for replacement of the faulty driver board. Now I wonder, when I buy/recieve a new driver board,

  1. do I need to adjust the driverboard (there is some adjustment screw) if so,
  2. what is the effect of this adjustment?
  3. how to measure and what is the correct value?

Many thanks for your help!


  1. Yes you need to adjust the driver board.
  2. It gives the right amount of power to the motors
  3. You’ll find an easy way of doing it on my Wiki

Many thanks for your help!
I took a look at your website and it contains tons of useful info!
It realy helped me!