Issue during first startup of k8400

after assembly i went to plug in the printer so i could update the firmware. when i plugged it in the screen light up, right after i hear a PSSSSSH along with a gigantic cloud of smoke coming from underneath. i unplugged the printer and flipped it on its side to see if there was a fire or anything i needed to quickly remove. the smoke came from the powersupply along with some clear liquid leaking from it. there wasnt any physical change that i could see and the smoke has stopped. i sat the printer right up and put paper towels under the powersupply to soak up the dripping liquid.
ive followed the instructions provided by velleman the whole way. i do not know if i have done something wrong or the powersupply was damaged before assembly or if any other parts have been damaged but it doesnt seem like it. (the outlet was grounded.)

Edit: it doesnt seem like there is any more liquid leaking than the initial release of smoke


First : your PSU is fried so don’t try to use your printer.
Could you post a picture of the PSU and controller board assembly?

Maybe the PSU was accidentally set to 110VAC instead of 230VAC?

Yes ive accidentaly set it to 110vac. Sorry for taking so long to respond, ive had anxiety over this and how I fucled up… Is ther any chance of repairing/salvaging the power supply? I assume I cant get it replaced free of charge.

No, this is definately not a warranty case :slight_smile:
The power supply cannot be fixed, there is too much damage.
You can order a new power supply from your distributor (order code RS-150-15T) or you could look for a similar power supply (15VDC/150W).

Lmao breaking panels by using obviously to much force get replaced… This is a stupid mistake for sure but I don’t really see the difference between both cases of user error…

But lukely those psu’s arent too expensive… Keep in mind you could best go for a better one so have the possibility to hook up a heat bed afterwards.

Kind regards.

We replaced the panels because there was a doubt that there might have been a production flaw. If there is a doubt, the customer is always right.
On the other hand, if the customer admits that he flipped the voltage setting from 230VAC to 110VAC while living in a 230VAC country, there can definately be no doubt…

Oh, I wasn’t aware of the potential flaw, I apologize for questioning your guys judgement.
But on the other hand honestly admitting you did isn’t anything everyone would do… So KARMA++ for Martzz

Kind regards!

No problem.
Anyway, there was no problem with the panels, since this was the only complaint we’ve received…