Is there an easy way to test the digital outputs of a K8055

I may have fried my board but I want to test it.

When using the demo software, I can toggle the check-boxes for the outputs, and the corresponding LED on the board lights up.

Is there a simple way I can tell that the output is actually working as designed, perhaps by lighting an external led or something? Maybe even by using a multimeter…

Thanks, Kevin

Using a battery, resistor and a LED you can test the outputs.

Also using a multimeter in a diode test position you may test the outputs.
The meter show open circuit when the output is not activated and some value (e.g. 0.65) when the output is activated.
You should connect the plus (red) lead of the multimeter to the digital output output and minus lead to the GND terminal of the K8055.

The multimeter test failed :frowning:

Looks like I broke something in the circuitry.

The uln2803apg chip (IC4) closest to the USB port looks a little discolored - I think I fried it.

Could I pull the other one from IC2 and put in IC4’s slot and retest?

If it shows good, then I could just get another chip.

Thanks again for the quick response.


[quote]Could I pull the other one from IC2 and put in IC4’s slot and retest?[/quote]Yes, you can do that.

The multimeter test using the other IC Chip passes.

The number on the chip is ULN2803APG. When I search for that number, all the sites I have found expect to see a O or M at the end of the part number.

Is there a preferred replacement for this chip?

Thanks again

Any ULN2803A* in a DIP housing will do the job.

Here is the link to the datasheet of the original ULN2803APG:

Here you’ll find some other datasheets:

Once again, thanks for your quick response.

I’ll order some of those IC chips and then I’ll be back in business!