Is there a support office in UK?

Yesterday I plugged the 'scope into my laptop PC to charge, (I normally use the Mains to USB adapter).
The screen immediately started ‘flashing’ on and off, so unplugged it again, but since then, the 'scope will not operate, the ‘splash screen’ comes on, and displays the Version (1041), but there is no ‘trace’ on the screen after initialising.
Although I am able to select all the menu options, and change their parameters, I am unable to get any trace whatsoever. I suspect the ‘Trigger’ function/logic may have been ‘bricked’.
I would like to get it checked out and updated to the latest firmware version, providing it is not too expensive for the repair/update and postage costs etc. As it may be more economical to purchase a newer scope, probably having 2 or 4 channels.
Can you please advise accordingly, the approximate costs etc?
Velleman used to produce a dual channel scope that appears to have been discontinued, are you planning on releasing anything that will be 2 (or better still 4 channel) or 2 channel with external trigger input ? (That would be nice !)
It would be good if there is a UK support office, or is it necessary to send it to Belgium?
Sorry for the long ‘post’.