Is K2579 right for me?


I have a need for a timer that can hold a relay closed until ~10min after it stops being triggered/reset. Just like the red LED on most PIR sensors.

Its for a display and I want it to power up the display when it senses (via external circuit) movement then stay on for ~10min.

  • Power = 12v (preferred as display is 12v)
  • It should keep reseting the count down to ~10min everytime it senses movement.
  • It should only turn off when it hasnt sensed movement for ~10mins.
  • There should be no momentary turning off, as in some kits need to let the relay open then they will close it again quickly after. Ie if there is more or less constant movement for 1 hour, then it should hold the relay closed for 1 hour (and ~10mins).

Is the K2579 the right kit for this?



The last sentence of your demands is not 100% clear to me but it seems to me that the K2579 is right for you.

Thanks. In the last sentence I was highlighting that some kits seem to need to be powered off (or allow relay to open)
Before they will reset the time delay. I think this is how the bathroom delay off fan circuits work. You need to turn the power off then on again to extend the time. Hence the display I’m showing would need to momentarily go off.

Ultimately I don’t want the display turning off (even momentarily) until ~10 min after last reset/trigger. Looks Like k2975 will do what need. Thanks again.

Yes, indeed. As long as the K2579 gets it’s power, it will work like you described.