IR transmitter does not work under certain types of light

I have found that this IR TRANSMITER does not function in led lighting. Since I have installed all led lighting in my home I find that this transmitter does not function and or gives bad signals to the allbot. I would suggest that a better form of transmitting signals to the allbot via phone is created. Other kits use wifi or Bluetooth. Please look into developing a better transmitter

Thanks for the feedback.
We are looking into alternative communication systems.

Ok now the iPhone 7 is out and it doesn’t have the jack for the remote. I just bought the remote too and now I can’t use it on the iPhone. Any idea when a new better remote will come out. How about Bluetooth communication to the allbot?

i thought a lightning to jack adapter is supplied with the iPhone so you can keep using the jack port.

Nobody is preventing you for building your own BT/Wifi control.

Nobody is preventing you from supporting your product!