IR Protocol

I would like to communicate directly with my allbot using my Galaxy Note 4’s built in IR blaster. Unfortunately the ConsumerIrManager in the android lv 22 api is cryptic at best for those of us who haven’t studied IR data exchange. It would be awesome if you would either make available a java package or snippet of script that we could use. Or possibly letting us know what protocol the Ir receiver uses to reconstitute string data. The allbot app for android looks pretty but honestly falls on its face for the Galaxy Note 4 and Tab S2.

I have used a 2nd generation iPad with the Velleman IR transceceiver and it did work, so it’s not a bad transceiver. Unfortunately the battery provided with the bot kit died quickly.

Hi we don’t use the standard IR protocol.

We send UART data over audio which is then modulated with 38Khz carrier signal.
We have plans to allow custom commands in the app.

We can post the source code of the app which you can modify yourself.

Best Regards