Interface motherboard for Commodore 64 Velleman K2628

I’m looking for user manual on old kit purchased over twenty years ago:
interface motherboard for Commodore 64 Velleman K2628.
Unfortunately I found nothing on internet.
I need electric plan of this interface also commodore 64 memory address in order to program it.
Can you help me?

I’m sorry, this kit is to old, sources are not available anymore, maybe someone else ???

Hello I have this kit and many others including documentation. I will check of I can scan the lot to PDF. Do you still need them ?

Yes man I need.
I’m glad if you’ll post the pdf manual.
Thank you in advance

Do you have email address as adding to the post does not work due to file size.?
Btw I am currently also selling my kits for this system.

My email address is

I’m still waiting for the manual.
There are some news?