Installation-disc for PCS32?

I used a PCS32 for long times, but not in the last 5 years. Now, when I tried to install it again on an older handheld with DOS, I found my disk not readable. All trials to refresh it didn´t work.

Velleman seems to have no software for this old PCS in the service-programm. I would prefer to work with this old part, yes, and under DOS.

Can anyone help me?

Greetings from Germany

Hereby a link to the software.
Careful: link will be active for 7 days.

Very quick reaktion!

Thank you very much!


Same problem here.

IIRC my version was the DOS version of the PCS32 Software (Storage Scope For PC).

Can you provide a download link?

As a side note: do you know of any USB2Parallel converter so that I can use the digital scope from my Laptop (using dosbox)? As an alternative could you provide the parallel communication protocol?


Hereby a link to the windows software:

Please note that a USB to parallel converter does NOT work with this item.

Hello, and thank you for the quick reply.

I’d like to have a link to the DOS version as well (I’d prefer to work with the DOS version, if possible).

Any chance to also have the docs about the protocol so that I can, as an example, interface the PCS32 with an Arduino?

Thanks and happy new year!

Anyone have this file>?


@simba ,

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