Information needed with the kits K4001 & K1803


As a project in my school we have to connect the k4001 (preamplefier) and the k1803 (amplifier) to each other.

After we done that we have to measure all the values and explain the function of both seperatly and connected to ea. , Is there annyway you can support us in annyway?


No, not really.
Isn’t the purpose of a school assignment showing what YOU know and what YOU have learned ?

Both kits are application notes of the applied IC’s.
All datasheet and theory of operation can be found on the internet.
(please don’t ask for links, use a search engine such as Google instead…)

K thanks for the help anyway.

This isn’t for a school project, but I’m wondering which resistors to change on both kits in order to get a cutoff freq of 150KHz instead of 20KHz?

I’ve sort of been trying to find more info on both types of op amp circuits, but can’t seem to really make sense of the freq adjusting resistor and capacitor.

Thanks 8)