Info on thermostat MK138

hi there

if connect this thermostat to 5x12v at 1.25amps will it work ok?

Please elaborate as we have no clue what you are trying to do.

i want to keep my pigeon loft at 21c buying doing this i will need to hook it up to a thermostat so when the temperture hits 22c the fans will start and get fresh air in to the pigeons


Final attempt:

Regardless of your application, what is the voltage and current that you want to switch ?

i have a power supply of 12volt 2amps max i have to control 5 fans rated at 12volt dc at 0.25amps each they will be connected together moking it 12volts 1.25 amps out put i want to know what ampage does this kit hold without over loading it?

if you dont understand still i give up :laughing: :laughing:

Should not be a problem.
If you look at the kit specs, you will notice it can handle 3A