Incomplete data from K8062

My K8062 is not outputting all the data to the DMX line, from the DMX-LightPlayer. I have a control that has 11 channels. I have set them to different settings to generate a constant step output from control 1 to control 11. My DMX controller (my design) was only receiving the first 7 of the channels so I let my analyzer grab a trace. Yes the K8062 is only putting out the first 7, even if I add another control it still does this.
If I instead use self-test the full 512 frames are sent out correctly.
Am I using the program incorrectly? OR … is there a problem with the K8062?
I have jpgs of both. Would post if I could figure out how.

Have you tried this demo software with more channels:

The DMX data transmission is not continuous from the K8062. Due to the USB communication there are 10ms pauses to load more data from the PC. The first pause is after the seven first bytes are sent.

Thanks for the reply.
During the time between control 7’s data and control 8’s data is the line high or low? Does the K8062 insert any special timing or signaling in the period between 7 and 8? My control does not see the extra frames and the next elongated break causes it to think that new data is coming, hence I never get channels beyond 7. The self test is clean and works well.


Between the slots the line is high.
According to the DMX specification this “MARK” Time between slots should be <1 second.

Thanks for the timing, this is what my equipment expects.
I’ve run the DMX-512 program and tested. It exhibits the same behavior … only puts out 7 channels waits ~15ms and puts out an extended break and the same 7 channels again. I have set the application for 16 bits and set the slides for alternating 170/0 for the first 8 channels then 255 for the next 3. Also, the starting address is set to 1.
I have logic analyzer traces if you want to see them.

Would you have any guidance as to what might be wrong?

It seems the microcontroller of the K8062 is defective and have to be replaced.
You can send e-mail to for further instructions on how to proceed.