Improve the bed

The bed adjust system is a bad inheritance from 3drag, the optimal system is faster to adjust. So easy, change the part that join the bed by 3 point system, a plane needs only 3 ponits to be defined, so use more than 3 points is a fatal error to calibrate. To do this is possible now but de shape of aluminium base is squared and needs to be a triangle with centred holes.

yes a 3 point system would be the best, in the meantime i made a quick fix here

Yes 3 points is better I think. Can you tell me a litte more about it? How did you do that?

with the actual hardware you have to remove 1 linear bearing and move the other to the middle.
so you end up with something like this

The 4 linear bearing is ok, I think, it assured lineal movement, but the bed aluminium hold needs only 3 points. An other posibility is add a glass and 4 point but collapsible (I am not sure about this word). The k8200 hot bed is that there is only 1 part. If you see, when a point is up or down the other 3 points also change. It is very difficult to calibrate fine. The solution, easy, 1 pivot central point and 4 wings, one for one corner and more big holes for theirs corner wich let right movement. Yu can add it over exist aluminium hold and change the Z axe stop screw.

Sorry dont speak english fine, did you know? xD.

I also think that 4 linear bearing is ok, but 4 screws without a spring for the heating bed?! That’s a bad idea.

it’s easy to change to a 3 point bed. you have to drill one hole (4mm) and there you go!

Drill hole

use these points. if you like a perfect triangle you have to drill a hole here too.

togehter with 3 Springs and a dial gauge i got my bed +/- 0.01mm level! print quality is much better.

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all three screws have springs and a thumbscrew. so the bed will be able to level with these 3 screws.