Impresion doble extrusor k8400

Buenas, alguien podría explicarme como solucionar el problema que tengo con el segundo extrusor. Es que no empieza a imprimir porque la temperatura está a 0 y no sale filamento ni hace nada. Como lo soluciono. Gracias a todos
Hi, could someone explain to me how to solve the problem I have with the second extruder. It does not start printing because the temperature is at 0 and no filament comes out or does anything. How do I solve it. Thank you all

Hello !

If the gcode “M109 T1 S190” command ( Wait for Hotend Temperature | Marlin Firmware ) heats the second head to 190°C, then you should probably review your “start g-code” under the slicer you are using.

Which slicer do you use? “Ultimaker Cura” or “Repetier Host” (with which slicing engine ? “Cura engine” or “Slic3r” or …) or “ideaMaker” or …

Can you check in your .gcode file generated if you found a “M109 T1 S…” in the first ~100? lines ?

Buenos días, gracias, intentaré revisar eso, pero creo que esto me supera, soy malillo en estas cosas, de todas formas muchisimas gracias