Impossible to register k8055d.dll in windows 10

when registering with regsvr32 from syswow64, the dll k8055d.dll the following error
<< The module … was loaded but the entry-point DIIRRegisterServer was not found.
Make sure the … is a valid DLL or OCX file and then trry again.>>
Did anybody got the same problem?

The K8055D.DLL is not a COM nor an OCX (ActiveX) component.
It is a standard Windows DLL.
A standard .DLL file can not be registered as a component, the task regsvr32 is designed to do.
More info and a possible solution in this thread.

To solve the problem it was necessary to have a 64 bits version of k8055d for windows 10 64 bits.
Velleman should have provided such version.

Here you can download the 64 bits version.
And in this thread the latest slightly modified version.