Idid know BBC basic what should i do

I have K8055 board . I Wish to read state of input switches then switch on external devises using relays.
the programing I need is to apply logical criterior between inputs and outputs. the electronics are not a problem and the programming task is simple . Is my way forward to learn visual basic first or are there complete programs available that would just require me to set the specific logical relationships?
Help as to my best way forward apreciated.

Please check this thread, maybe there is a solution:

I would suggest you adapt this BBC BASIC program:

There is also an executable version you can run:

To access these files you will need to join the Yahoo! BB4W group. If that’s a problem for you, contact me by email and I’ll send you the files directly.


Thank you very much Richard and VELL255 for your help , I have now received two good pathways to a solution.


[quote=“VEL255”]Please check this thread, maybe there is a solution:
this program seems very good for my purposes but no “action” buttons show on screen so can’tmake it work.
although I have downloaded prog. several times still no good. Is there another location that I could download prog from incase there is problem in download?

Please see this thread for a solution:

There seems to be similar case: No ‘Action’ buttons…

Did you try the BBC BASIC program? As you say in the subject line “I did know BBC BASIC” I would expect you to find that a good route to solving your problem, and of course you then have the power of a fully-fledged programming language at your disposal.

There is a whole folder of K8055 example programs in the files section of the BB4W discussion group:

The free trial version of BBC BASIC for Windows is more than adequate for simple K8055 programming:

I’ve listed below a BBC BASIC program which prints the value of the K8055 digital inputs.

[code] SYS “LoadLibrary”, “K8055D.DLL” TO k8055%
IF k8055% = 0 ERROR 100, “Cannot load K8055D.DLL”
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “OpenDevice” TO OpenDevice
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “CloseDevice” TO CloseDevice
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “ReadDigitalChannel” TO ReadDigitalChannel
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “ReadAllDigital” TO ReadAllDigital
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “SetDigitalChannel” TO SetDigitalChannel
SYS “GetProcAddress”, k8055%, “ClearDigitalChannel” TO ClearDigitalChannel

  ON ERROR SYS "MessageBox", @hwnd%, REPORT$, 0, 48 : PROCcleanup : QUIT
  CardAddress% = 0
  SYS `OpenDevice`, CardAddress% TO h%
  CASE h% OF
    WHEN 0, 1, 2, 3: PRINT "Card "+STR$(h%)+" connected"
    OTHERWISE: ERROR 100, "Card "+STR$(CardAddress%)+" not found"
  SYS `SetDigitalChannel`, 1
  SYS `SetDigitalChannel`, 2
  SYS `SetDigitalChannel`, 3
    WAIT 1
    SYS `ReadAllDigital` TO digip%
    PRINT digip%
  DEF PROCcleanup
  SYS `CloseDevice`
  SYS "FreeLibrary", k8055%


thank you so much VELL255 … perfect!

reply to Richard,
thanks very much for additional info.
i’ll be investigating that