I/O interface-board VM110N

Again about your interface-board VM110N, bought last week.


Hi !

On my last post I got an answer from VEL255 (?). I tried the given code-suggestion for LibertyBasic, but I saw it another time faulty. In the line calldll #user,“SetAllDigital” , that came blue again. Pitty.

But, on further inverstigations concerning the K8055D.dll-chapter I found a number of examples , for instance one with Visual Basic. I understand a little to work with this Basic version, so I made some studies.
It concerns your pdf with the title : Introduction to the DLL for the USB Experiment Interface Board K8055. More in detail the page 13 of this pdf.
I implemented this software in a new VB-file and after repairing little syntax-errors I got it all clean. Hope this can be a start to control the I/O-board.

So now my question : how can I get the only one statement of setting all digital working on my board?

Thanks another time for your answer.

Regards, Ton.