I got a problem with my KSR10

Hi everybody,

i got a problem with my robotic arm. I build it and now it isn’t able to turn into every direction it should.
On the control panel everytime i hit the button upwards it doesn’t react, but when i hit downwards, it does.

Did I do something wrong? or is this a mistake from the factory?
I sent the guys from Conrad (where i bought it) a letter, and they sent me here for information. There wasn’t a topic on this problem yet…

I also posted a question on Facebook on this matter. They say they will have an expert look into it. Maybe you can help me faster.

Every help is welcome :wink:

bye bye

Most likely there is an assembly problem. Make sure al wiring is correct and according to the manual. Since it turns in one direction but not the other, the motor is OK.
Sorry, but such a problem is difficult to solve without being able to examine your unit.
We suggest to have someone else to take a look at your assembly. If this is not possible or if it does not help, then we can offer inspection/repair if you return the unit.
Please return it to:
Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

You can also return it to your distributor.

I have the same problem, but if I switch the motor plug on the little pcb they go in the other way. So it’s not a motor’s problem but I think is a pcb issue.
I bought it trough Amazon , what I can do to receive assistance. Thank You.