I didn't can connect my mk193 to my windows 8.1 laptop

I have a problem with my 3D cube MK193. When I connect it to my laptop (running windows 8.1 32 bit) the system doesn’t recognize the MK 193 and a message pop-up sais that the request for the device discriptor failed with (code 43).
If I open my device manager the connection with the MK193 is showed under the usb lookup (with a trouble sign) and not under other devices as you say in your description.

If I try to update the driver after a while there is a message that he indicates that there is no better or newer driver found.

Beside the driver, I have downloaded the animator software. The software runs properly on my laptop. I can build new schema’s and the demo run’s nicely. It runs onley on my laptop, but I can’t send it to my MK 193. As soon as I connect the MK 193, the system doesn’t recognize the MK193, gife’s the pop-up message and nothing happend.

How do I fix it?
bye Djoury

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This is the driver for Windows 8
velleman.eu/downloads/files/ … lktcdc.zip

Unzip this file and make sure you install it manually through Device Manager (right-click the device -> Update Driver Software)

[quote]the request for the device descriptor failed and went in code 43[/quote]This sounds more like a hardware defect than a driver problem. Our hardware engineers will need to troubleshoot this with you.

Can you supply LINKS to HI-RES and SHARP pictures of your assembly, both solder- and componentside, so that we can have a look at your assembly?

Your pictures are not showing up.

The soldering in the pictures is very poor, and this is the cause of the problems

Don’t worry! You can probably still fix the bad solders

Adafruit: Making a good solder joint
learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-gui … lder-joint

Adafruit: Guide to excellent soldering
learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-gui … ring/tools