I can not become familiar with my WFS210

I can not become familiar with the WFS210 I bought nov 2014.
I bought it for hobby purposes, but I did not use it the first time (lack of time).
Recently I started experimenting with it and once it has worked.
At the moment I can not get any results on the iPad screen.
Only some tiny ripple, wich is not comming from any input signal.
Wifi seems working.
Can I get any refund when I send it back?
Kind regards
Roel Beuker

In between I discovered:

WFS210 via Wifi (iPad) is not properly working, possible coused by a lot of local 2,4 Ghz traffic (many Wifi accespoints) - Results: delay / fall-out errors / disconnections.
WFS210 via USB is not properly working with Windows 10 system - Results: delay / many errors / disconnections.
WFS210 via USB with Windows 7 system works until now. However this system I need for my work and can not be used constantly.
My next try will be with USB with a Windows XP system - However my virusscanner (Norton) since short defined the software as unsafe and removes it constantly from my disk.

Please advice

The WFS210 is not ready for Windows 10, we too have noticed disconnects etc. Every other version of Windows should be ok (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1).

We have no control over your virus scanner, so this is something you will need to fix yourself. We can only tell you that the WFS210 software is not a virus. Virus scanners usually offer a whitelist, exclusion list, etc.

VEL337 may be able to give you some advice on the iPad app.

When will the Windows-10 driver be available?
Because Windows-10 is the standard nowadays.