HPS50 PC Capture won't work

My HPS50 will not transfer realtime screens nor memory screens to PC.
PC Dell, running XP
Velleman Capture 3.3
PC assigns port 15 to HPS50
Port 15 selected in capture prog.
“transmit” appears at bottom right of HPS50 screen
but nothing shows on the capture window.
Changed cable with no improvement

Make sure the scope is set to Binary mode.

Thanks I had it set to binary
occasionally it does connects ok but:

  1. the traces are very thin
  2. the scope settings (v/div hz/div etc.) don’t transfer to the capture screen

I’ve tried the ASCII output to a terminal program.
I set the PC terminal program to 38400 baud and set the port correctly.
I can’t set parity or stop bits and don’t know what they are in the terminal prog.
All I get is a lot of unprintable characters in the terminal window.


The scope setting do not transfer to the BMP

Sorry to hear the scope settings don’t transfer.
How about my ASCII transfer question?

Tonight I put the scope on hold and then connected it to my PC,
with the capture prog running.
Long pushed the memory button, got the transmit indicator
but nothing on the PC capture app.