HPS50 Capture Rev 3.3 no Display

I have searched the forum and so far not found any resolution.
Using a HPS50 saving data to memory, connecting with OEM USB I select the Com port, yet I can’t get the data to diplay on PC.

Capture software Rev. 3.3
Windows XP Pro.
Cheers, Bob

If no trace is appearing, then your HPS50 is probably not sending out any data.

  1. Hold the ‘Display/Setup’ button for a few seconds to enter the Setup menu.
  2. In the Setup menu select ‘Binary’ under ‘SEND’ using the arrow keys. The ‘Display/Setup’ button is used to select an option.

  1. Hold the ‘Display/Setup’ button to exit the Setup menu.

So I should have said that I have already tried this, but I tried it again and I never see anything on the software screen.

Resolution: I have uninstalled and reinstalled rev 3.3 software and this fixed the issue.

Happy to read you were able to fix the problem.