HPS5 Screen fade

After many years of faithful service, I can no longer read the screen. The inner section had gone very dark (without any power). I think this is a lcd problem of old age.

Can I do anything to renew or revitalize the screen? I hate to junk good equipment for a small, fixable fault.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

We still have a small amount of refurbished spare displays to help out customers.
Return of the defective display is required, as they are intended for HPS5 owners only.
Cost will be about 10 euro, shipping and handling not included.
Please return your display and a copy of this message to:

Velleman Projects Service Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Many thanks for that. I’ll investigate how to get the screen out and how to send from Thailand. I’ll get the replacement sent to my UK address for hand-carry back. Is there a service manual available on-lline to help get into the guts of the machine?

Sorry, not available.
Anyway, it is just a matter of removing some screws…

It came to pieces without a hitch and only 2 screwdrivers needed. Another tribute to the design.

I presume that payment can be via a Mastercard credit card. if so, I’ll include my number and expiry date in the accompanying letter otherwise please advise.

You will receive an invoice and payment details.