HPS40 strange behavior

I have a strange signal problem with my HPS40. It was working fine and one day started to give this problem.
Have a look at this video https://youtu.be/8WzpdG0lBjQ

I’m monitoring the CDI pickup signal, it is at max 24v peak to peak (I can touch that). But the scope is going crazy with the trace (200v/div going out of scale). Probe is in 10x setting. Changing from AC to DC and vise versa has no effect (although AD/DC works when I test with a battery).
It was showing this signal perfectly couple of weeks back.

I may have damaged the scope with high voltage, But when I connected the probe to test signal or even 220v AC mains, it works flawlessly.
I did a reset and a calibration round (all individual tests pass, but final failed). No improvement.

All my test setup connections are good (did multiple checks). I think there’s something wrong with the scope. Please help.