HPS141 not calibrated

I purchased the HPS141 component tester add-on for the handheld oscilloscope and have been pleased with its performance until I tested a capacitor. When I test any capacitor it displays the capacitor’s attributes for about a second, and then it blanks the screen and says “not calibrated.” How do I calibrate the device? It seems to do the same with transistors, although not with resistors.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

That’s weird it should come calibrated from the factory.
To enter the calibration procedure you connect all 3 leads together and you push the button and follow the on screen instructions. Also make sure to have a capacitor with value between 100nF and 20µF by hand when doing the procedure.

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Awesome - got it! Thank you!

Hi you all!
I’m happy I found this forum… I’m working on a repair of an old amplifier and I really need to use my HPS141 component tester with my HPS140MK2.
Unfortunately I can’t calibrate the HPS141.
Every time I follow the procedure it ends up saying in the end “not calibrated!”
This happens after I isolate the probes and connect my capacitor of 3.3uF.

I hope someone can give me advice.