HPS140I calibration fault

Detail Second post.

Sorry, we have difficulties understanding your post.

Please clarify:

What do you mean? Did you enter factory calibration mode by accident?

Next, if we understand correctly:

A 10Vpp sine wave is measured correctly at x1 and scope set to x10.

Please elaborate on the second part.

The software does measure frequency/duty cycle, by means of the markers (please see manual for how-to instructions).
It does not feature single shot triggering.

in normal operation I get he following problem:

On the x10 setting the probe attentuates the signal by a factor of 10.

Then on the hps140 I select the x10 function on the user interface to let the hps140 know that I am using a 10x probe.

I then apply a 10 volt peak to peak sin wave @ 1Khz at the probe end.
This is then seen on the hps140 as a volatge of 20V peak to peak.

This is not correct.

The software is not recognising the probe being set at x10 and is giving an incorrect measurement.

If the probe is set at x1 the software performs as expected.

And I have used different probes with the same settings and get the same results.

Is the a error with the software or hardware?

This puzzles us.
Judging by the information you supply, we could say ‘this is impossible’, however, please be assured that we do not doubt that the information you have supplied is correct.
Most likely there will be a logical explanation, but at this time, we do not have a clue.
Therefore, would you be able to upload a video to YouTube that shows exactly what you are doing and what appears on the screen?
Maybe this will allow us to explain the behavior of the unit.

I have taken it back to the store it appears that there are others that function in this way I am waiting for them to get new stock.

I have can tell you in all honesty that the results are genuine.

A GREAT product I am will to buy again if this problems fixed.