HPS140i 75% duty cycle test signal


The HPS140i I just received from Amazon/Eio appears to have a 75% duty cycle test signal. The wave is high for 0.3 ms and low for 0.1 ms. Is this a defect or a feature?

Thanks …

The signal is correct.

I reviewed the Velleman HPS140 Quick Measuring “How To” demo on YouTube and verified that the test signal does indeed have a 75% duty cycle, so it is really a rectangular wave, not a true square wave.

One thing that confused me was that the low-frequency compensation adjustment pictures for the probe (included in the HPS140i package) showed a true square ware. Now I understand that that documentation was for the probe only, not for the HPS140. I also understand the probe adjustment can be made with a rectangular wave and does not require a 50% duty cycle.

Just wanted to make sure all was working as it should be, thanks!