HPS140 'Wish List:' Parameter lock / save

I’ve been blissfully using my HPS140 for a couple of months; it’s a good little tool and a good value.

One thing that I find infuriating about it is its inability to save parameters. I use pretty much the same parameters every time I turn it on – 2 mSec / div, 25mV/div, y-axis zero moved way down, trigger as last touched parameter so that I can change it without going to the menu. It would be great to have a couple of ‘presets’ available, so that if came up the way I use it each time I turn it on. It’s especially annoying to reset the zero. Moving the zero takes so long that the menu turns off and the display turns on before the zero is where I want it. Then, if I have not set everything else first, I have to hold the button down again to get the menu back.

Paul in Wisconsin