HPS140 stopped working properly


I bought a HPS140 6 years ago (if my memory is correct) and was using it from time to time until recently.
But a few months ago, it just stop displaying correct measurement. Now when I start it I can only see an horizontal bar that will not move from the top of the screen, and any tension apply to the probe will not make the measurement changes.
Changing settings will not change anything, I can set 20v/div or 1v/div and it will always display a straight line on top of the screen with a Vmax indicator of about 6.8% of the v/div selection (0.68v for 10v/div, 0.034v for 0.5v/div…)

what can I possibly do about it ? is it something that I can repair ?

here is photo of what it display on startup (nothing connected to the probe), probe connected or not is the same.