HPS140 Repair Needed - How, Where?


I think I’ve managed to damage my HPS140 - looks like the input amplifier is bust - won’t display a signal, and fails calibration (Menu button held down and power on).

Where do I need to send it for repair? How do I pay? I’m in the UK.

Many thanks,

Easiest and fastest way: the shop where you bought it!

You can also return the item to:

Velleman Projects Tech Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Received replacement/repaired oscilloscope back today. Thanks Velleman - excellent customer support!

Dear Sir,
I bought HPS140 over ebay from UK. It came without probe. I did not get any invoice or other documentation with it. Unfortunately thing doesn’t work at all! When I switch it on it shows begging logo and after that - nothing - just a blue screen. Can I send it to your repair center an how much that should approx. cost me? I have seen all the best comments about your repair center and I belive you can help me too. I am from Croatia. Looking forward to your answer.
Best regards and thanks in advance!
Zen Crystal

Did you charge the battery? Is the charger working (9VDC)? Did you try with a mains adaptor?
Repair cost depends on the problem. If the unit is defective due to an overvoltage, the repair cost can be high (60-70 euro) compared to the price of a new item, shipping not included.