HPS140 Frequency Measurements

I have recently bought this scope from CPC (Part of Farnell Electronic Components companies)
On page 7 of the user manual, it quotes "Change the ‘time’ marker readout setting (time or frequency)
On trying to change this option, the values only read from 250ns to 1Hr TIME setting, there is no ‘Frequency’ setting.
I may have misunderstood what you mean by ‘Frequency’ but on my Owon digital scope, when I select ‘Frequency’ I get a reading in MHz, KHz, or Hz as an absolute frequency, i.e. 1200Hz or I am able to change this the range to display 1.2KHz
Is this not achievable on the HPS140 ?
The current build version is 1041, which I understand is an earlier build release, could this be the reason for the non frequency display mode?

Once in HOLD-mode, the markers are displayed.
Next, press and hold the upper right key to display the menu options.
Scroll to ‘time mark’ and change it to ‘freq. mark’ with the arrow keys.
Now it will display ‘Hz’ instead of time.

Thanks for your quick reply …
Does this mean that it is ONLY available in HOLD mode ?
i.e. we have to ‘hold’ the measured waveform before we can display the Frequency ?
The ‘Frequency’ measurement is not available as a standard measurement setting ?
It is not a problem, it is just to confirm I understand the operation correctly.

Only available in HOLD-mode.