HPS140 firmware problem

Dear Velleman Support,

I was the person who advised your support staff of the ‘fault’ in the HPS140 DSO v1041 firmware on 25 March 2011. I was using the DSO within its specification and noted trigger instability, which was unacceptable. At the time your response was as below:

Velleman response:

"We have managed to simulate the problem and source the cause of troubles.
It appears to be related to the firmware, not the hardware.
Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, we cannot supply .hex code.
We can offer a free firmware update if you return the scope to our tech. dept.

Velleman Instruments Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Please include a copy of this conversation.
As a courtesy, while your scope is here, we can offer a free custom splash screen for your scope.
If you send an 128x64 bitmap (2 colour) to support (at) velleman (dot) be then we will include it in your scope.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience."

I posted details of your excellent support on the EEVBlog forum here:

eevblog.com/forum/product-re … ckling/45/

Sadly my little HPS140i recently went missing, presumed stolen :neutral_face:

I have bought a replacement unit but was very disappointed to see that it also has the original 1041 firmware running in it, as opposed to the superior 1112 version that I need.

Please will you authorise the free upgrade of my new HPS140i to firmware version 1112 at no cost to me except postage to you from the UK. Your company was so concerned regarding the inconvenience to me that they provided me with an oscilloscope probe as compensation for my postage costs. I should be grateful for a positive response on this matter.

Kind Regards


You can still return your unit for a free firmware update (shipping not incl).
Please return it to:
Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Make sure to include a note that says ‘firmware update’, so that our engineers know what to do.

Hi Vel417,

Just to confirm the sitaution and to be clear.

I purchased a new HPS140 at GBP120 and found it to contain formware that prevents me using it to its claimed specification limits, and you require me to pay GBP10 postage to despatch teh unit to you, and then another GBPxx postage to have it returned to me with the corrected firmware ? Please don’t state that the 1112 firmware is a normal dynamic development of 1042, I know that to not be true from my last dealings with you senior engineer.

I could swallow the cost of postage to you, as I did on the last occasion, but does this ‘support’ scenario sound fair or reasonable to you? I know many who would think Velleman have failed me on this occasion. An upgrade in firmware by choice would fit the scenario, but your 1042 firmware has a known trigger point detection failure, that 1112 addressed last year at my request. I buy Velleman equipment because of the excellent support that I have, to date, received. Have I now seen the end of that quality customer focussed support ?

I ask that you escalate this matter to your management with a view to ageeing to pay the return postage of the unit, in the spirit of good customer relations.

I am really sorry that this ‘conversation’ is taking place on a public forum but that appears to be the only contact metod Velleman offer :frowning:

Kind Regards


Sorry for the ‘standard’ copy-and-paste reply and the possible misunderstanding.
Of course, we will perform the update under warranty conditions and return the unit free of charge.

Even though it’s a forum, it has its advantages since it’s frequented by management staff, R&D engineers, software developers and other specialists here at Velleman. You will always get the right person without having to go through a whole support mill 8)

Many thanks to you both for your comments, and for agreeing to the firmware upgrade without return postage costs.

I hate to complain to your company in public as it is like washing a companies dirty laundry in public. I do understand your desire to ensure that queries are visible to all your staff involved in design & support though. Have you considered a ‘privacy’ option button on your forum though…your staff would be able to see the question but your customers would not see anything that is none of their concern. Such an option would be selected by the poster so they can decide if it is suitable for public visibility.

Kindest Regards


Thank you for your feedback.
At this time, we do not see a need to ‘censor’ our forum.
People that visit our forum can see ‘complaints’, but they will also see that we provide solutions.