HPS140 1112 menu time-out

New user and to forum.
Just recently purchased a HPS140, build 1112. Fantastic tool. I bought it as a portable, and backup to my TEK 475, which has a problem and I needed to look at the Dynamics.
I have one problem in using it!! Being an old fogie of advancing years and used to knobs and buttons that stay put untill changed, I am forever calling the menu back to find and select the next function/parameter. Is their a way of extending the default time-out please???.
Reading the posted questions and your sometimes in-depth answers I can see just how dedicated your forum team is. It would be wonderful if a solution to my problem is as straight as some that you get.
I thank you in anticipation of your reply.

Sorry, it is not possible to change the menu time-out, it is fixed in the firmware.
The only way to display the menu for a longer time is by pressing the menu key or any arrow key repeatedly.

Thanks very much,----the impossible you can do most of the time —one up to me.
Does my age problem come under the heading of soft(in the head)ware, or (in)firmware.
If the former please supply cure.
Many thanks for reply, prompt but unfortunately not the one I was hoping for.
I am now hooked on your forum, many interesting points emerge.