HPS10 used for rising and falling edge on crank sensor

I purchased a HPS10 to do some testing on crankshaft sensor so I can see rising and fall edge on a mag sensor. I am looking for a rising and falling wave form however I cannot get it configured correctly.

This is what I get,

This is what I need,

I understand the bottom one is a two channel but the signal is what I am looking for. Any and all help or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

What signal are you looking for (A or B on the Fluke?)
Did you try DC coupling?

Im looking for B, on the Velleman I have its the same crank sensor as B on the fluke.

I have tried DC coupling. Is it possible the Velleman doesn’t sample fast enough?

The signal that you want to display appears to be within the specs of the HPS10, so at this time we have no clue why it does not display correctly.
Is your HPS10 working correctly with other signals (e.g. internal calibration signal, battery voltage measuring, etc…) ?
Are you feeding the HPS10 from batteries or from a power supply. If you are feeding it from a power supply, does it have a common with the DUT?

Running it from batteries, readouts from probe setup are normal.

Did you try a faster T/div setting, to make sure the problem is not caused by aliasing?

I tried a faster setting it and that does not work. Is it a possibility that it doesn’t sample fast enough?