HPS10 gone faulty


My HPS10 developed a fault whereby the right hand half of the screen is dead, and the left hand is just grey. This happened when I accidently measured a signal from a ciruit that was powered by the same supply that was powering the scope.

Is ther any form of guidence you can give on the likley cost of the repair? Do you charge for repair estimates? Obviously I dont want to ship it to Belgium only to find out that its beyond economical repair and get a big bill for finding that out.

Thanks Anthony

After resetting it a few times the left hand half of the screen now works normally, but he right hand side is dead, thats to say the pixels are illuminated so the LCD is still working, but all blank. The LCD screen has two controllers so I thinks it fair to assume that one of them is dead.

Where can I obtain a spare display panal? It seems to be an old Powertip PG12864-k, which is no longer available from what I can tell.

Velleman - can you supply a spare please?

Thanks Anthony

There are two options: Either you return the complete scope or you return the display. We’d prefer the first option, as it will allow us to check the complete circuit.

In any case, please return the item to:

Velleman Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Cost of repair is certainly a lot less than a new scope. Sorry, no exact pricing.

Hi, thanks for coming back to me, but please can you give me some idea of cost, i.e. how much do you charge for a replacement display board? The display chip is epoxied into teh board, so it cant be changed, so its has to have a new board.

i appreciate that you cannot diagnose problems without seeing them, but surley you can tell me how much a replacement display board costs?

Thanks Anthony

Once again, sorry, no exact pricing.
Rough estimate: the display should not cost more than 30-40 euro.
That excludes work, shipping & handling, tax etc…