HPS Trigger adjustment?

Hi, I have an HPS10, I’m wanting to view wavefrms of vehicle actuators and sensors, the unit doesn’t seem quite quick enough for the job, but anyhow, my main question is, can I set the trigger point horizontally any way?

If I want to see a fuel injector signal for example, the 12v feed is grounded for approx 2.5 ms then released, the voltage peaks at approx 60volts, then returns in a curve back to 12v feed until the next triggering event.

I want to see this event repeating on the screen, but I can only see the edge of the peak and after the event, when I really want to see the whole event, can this be done?

Can the trigger be moved across the sceen rather than just vertically at the side.?

The unit features voltage (Y-axis) trigger, like most oscilloscopes.
Only very complex (expensive) oscilloscopes features the kind of triggering you desire.
If you set the triggering to ‘0V’, then you should see the 2.5ms low and the peak that follows.