HP40 damaged with 2330VAC tension

I think, but not completely sure about it, to have put the HPS40 on 240VAC without setting the X10 probe .
Anyway, now the display just shows question marks instead of voltage values .
I’d like to fix it myself, is it possible to have some hint ?
By the way, what would be an average cost to get it repaired (I live in france ) ?
Thanks ,

Sorry, the unit is not user serviceable.
You can return your unit for inspection/repair to:

Velleman Projects SAV
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Hello ,
I’ve seen messages where you replied to others that you sent them some technical description of the HPS40 in order to help them repair it .
Can you please send it to me as well ?
Before sending it to Velleman for inspection or repair, could you also please tell me what would be an average fee for this kind of repair, or an interval of fee .
Thanks very much,

Estimated repair cost: 100 € (shipping and handling excluded).
You will receive the technical document by mail.
Please note that by opening your scope, you loose any warranty that might apply.

Thanks for sending the technical doc .
Including handling and sending back to france, how much would it be necessary to add to the 100 euros repair cost ?

We estimate 20€

That would be a fair price .
I will have a look if I can get the components and try to repair it myself,
otherwise I’ll send it back to you .
Thanks for your help .