How to solder / install the thermistor correctly?

I’m a bit hesitant, since this is a very small and fragile part. So before I get things wrong and break them…[ul]
The thermistor seems to be ‘wrapped’ in plastic; Do I remove the plastic before soldering? If so, how do I do this safely, without damaging the part?[/ul]
[ul]Would a 15W Weller soldering tool be adequate?[/ul]
[ul]Any tips on how to keep it in place, while soldering?[/ul]
The manual suggest to first do one side, then the other; Some users suggest to tin both simultaneously;
Which works best, and what are the risks?
Do you have/ know of an instruction video / youtube video to show / illustrate this part of the build
Thanks in advance,

WP Ginfo

The manual of this minikit features graphical instructions on how to solder an SMD part.

15W is fine.

Thank you for your prompt and helpful answer.

However, one question remains:

Thanks in advance,
WP Ginfo

Yes, the packaging needs to be removed :slight_smile:
Do this gently. There is no real risk to damage the part if you do it gently, just make sure you do not loose it.

Thanks again.
I think I’ll need to find a magnifying glass first… :slight_smile:

Hi WP Ginfo

You need to remove the thermistor from the plastic package. I used a modelling knife but be careful not to damage the thermistor.

I had problems with soldering the thermistor too and I worked out (for me), the best way to go about it:

First, clean the copper pads by rubbing them with an eraser - LIGHTLY
Next, use a small piece of clear sellotape and cover one half of the thermistor. This allows you to pick up the component and position it on the hotbed. Once in position, stick it to the hotbed gently.
Now solder the exposed end.
Carefully remove the tape holding the exposed part of the thermistor so as not to strain the soldered pad.
Then solder the other end.

Job done!

The good thing about this method is that you can see the positioning of the component and maneuvering such a tiny thing is simple.

Hope this helps,


Hi Gordon,

Thnx for your tips.
Fortunately I was able to complete this task succ6fully.
Opening the suurounding plastic proved to be the most difficult… I used needles to do this ie. one to hold things in place, and a second one to peel away the plastic.
The soldering was a matter of using your tips, and staying calm…