How to remove object from buildtak

Hi everybody,

I’m new in 3D printing and build my vertex without major problems :slight_smile: After few unsuccessful trials, I also managed to print nice small objects. So everything is fine except that…

The only problem is to remove the object from buildtak. If I use a cutter, as described elsewhere, I damaged the upper layer of the buildtak or I cut into the bottom part of the printed object. Today I broke the glass panel from the buildtak while unsuccessfully trying to remove a rounded-shaped medal.

I guess that I have to buy a new buildtak but would like to know if there are some tricks to remove easily the printed object from the buildtak.

By the way, I’m using white PLA (Velleman) at 195°C. The distance between the nose of the printer and the buidtak corresponds to two layers of 80g paper sheet, as recommended in the tutorial.

Thank you in advance for help and advices

I use a cutter knife as well, placing it flat on the surface, or for bigger objects a scraping tool which I sharpened a bit on the front. First of all is driving down the z-axis for having some place to act. Second I use the weakest spot to start and walk all the way along under the object. Do not pull the printed object, it may break then.

Already ordered a replacement BuildTak when ordering the printer, is wears over the time & after a lot of printing.

I’not happy with the cutter too. So I first try that:

It’s almost as sharp as the cutter with a more rigid blade. I use it as a lever betwen the piece and the support.

Then my daughter start using that:

very usefull to unstick wide thin pieces.

also usable to set the distance between the nose of the printer and the buidtak.

Important think with both : keep the blade parallel to the support to avoid scratching it.

ps: sorry don’t know how to name it in English

We like using this:

Start underneath a corner first and then try to shove it all the way underneath the object. It’s sharp and sturdy, and you can easily apply a lot of force without damaging the buildtak. We’ve been able to poke wallpaper off plaster walls for years with one of these, so it’s earned our stamp of approval.

With cutters you can easily lose an eye or a limb, or even worse, damage the buildtak :slight_smile:

LOL yeah i use one of those sturdy spatulas as well… But its pretty sharp… And if you need to apply some force make sure your hand isn’t holding the buildplate in the direction where u’r applying force at. I stabbed myself Sooo badly with one of those :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t loose any fingers though but blood was all over the place.

+1 Always keep in mind where the force you apply will make the blade end up once the object releases, be safe!