How to manually set OSCCAL on PIC 12F675 with K8076

I have one PIC 12F675 where the OSCCAL value is distroyed. How can I manually set or overwrite the OSCCAL value ? I’m using PICPROG2006 version 2.2 for programming and MPLAB IDE with the HITECH PIC Lite C compiler for program development. I know the original OSCCAL value was 43, thus i want to store the value $3443 at location $3FF. How can that be done with my actual tools ? The PICPROG2006 program always saves and restores the bad value …


Update …
Why can address location H’03FF’ not be programmed even if you fool the PICPROG2006 program by setting it to a 16F627 device which has the same amount of 1K memory ? The other locations can be programmed and read, even with a 12F675 in the K8076 programmer socket.


A quick and dirty solution:

write a simple program with the directive

org 0x3ff
retlw xx ;xx should be the value of your OSCCAL

Switch the PicProg2006 to a PIC16F628A or so, wich had more than 0x3ff-Flash. Burn the Prog, and ignore the error Message at the end.

-> Voilá : Your Value appears as OSCCAL, nexttime you set the PicProg back to the 12F675 and work as usual.