How to insert batteries in DVM1500 Multimeter

I bought a Velleman DVM1500 multimeter but I cannot open the back to insert the batteries. The manual says to remove the 3 screws (one was hidden behind a QC sticker) and then to insert the batteries but there are no further instructions, images or indications on the device. I have removed the screws and while the top is loose, the bottom stays firmly attached. I have pulled with considerable strength but it won’t open and there are no other screws to undo.
Without batteries this thing is a paperweight and I need to use it soon. Does anyone know how to open it up?

EDIT: the manual says to remove the 3 screws and “gently open it” when replacing the fuse (not possible, it seems). For replacing the battery it says to “open the battery compartment with an appropriate screwdriver” which is even more puzzling.

Second EDIT: Apparently the back cover should come off very easily when the screws are undone so I’m sending it back for a refund because this must be a manufacturing error.

Since i was in same prediction and somehow managed to find that battery compartment after all … let me post a picture of it for others :slight_smile:

So it’s only 2 screws and something sharp between the notch and the back plate … you don’t have to remove whole back of the device.