How to connect veleman k8200 to cura 2.5?

Hello everyone,

I see that people connected the K8200 to cura 2.5 software.
I tryed it to but i can’t connect , what must i do?
Everything is standard so no firmware ugrade or something else.

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I just watched the video on Cura 2.5
I got the impression that this version does not connect to the printer.
It looks like you have to save the Gcode to a SD card.
For that you will need the VM8201

I am still downloading it.
I will let you know what I find.

Surely if Cura 2.5 will generate gcode this could be transferred to Repetier software to run from a computer. No need to use the VM device. Cura is built in to Repetier. I am using the latest iteration of Repetier but cannot find the version number of the Cura installed.