How to compile new Software

what ist the Arduino-IDE Configuration to compile and upload the firmware? is the following board correct?
- Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega2560, ATmega2560(Mega 2560)

Is there Arduino-IDE version requirements?
(e.g. Environment version > 1.6.5…)

is there a pre-compiled version of the Vertex-Nano SW? In case of errors with the new software, I can flash the pre-compiled and always working version…

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There isn’t a precompiled version of the firmware.

Please select as board Mega2560, so yes that’s correct.
And enviroment version must be indeed above 1.6.5.
Seems like you are good to go.

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There’s a Marlin 2.0.x firmware available here, both a flashable hex as well as source code: