How to choose the suitable 3d printer filaments?

Some tips for choosing suitable 3D printer filaments:

  • Consider the type of material you need - PLA filament is good for basic printing and is easy to use. ABS filament produces more durable prints but can be trickier to work with.
  • Look at the diameter of the filament - 1.75mm and 2.85mm are the common sizes. Make sure it matches what your printer uses.
  • Check the temperature recommendations - Filaments print best within certain temperature ranges. Pick one compatible with your printer.
  • Look for quality 3D filament - Higher quality materials tend to extrude more smoothly and cause fewer printing issues. Read reviews to help choose good brands.
  • Think about additives - Some filaments contain additives like wood, metal, carbon fiber, etc. These can create unique effects but may require adjusted printing settings.
  • Consider roundness/tolerance - More precisely round filament extrudes better and jams less than filament with inconsistencies.
  • Buy the right amount - Buying in bulk saves money but can lead to waste if you don’t use it quickly. Start small if testing a new material.
  • Store it properly - Keep filament in a cool, dry place to prevent degradation in quality over time.

The right 3D filament for your needs will depend on your printer, your projects, quality, and budget. Take all factors into account when selecting 3D printing materials.

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