How print VM8201 cover?

How is possible print VM8201_top_enclosure ? In standard position is whote top layer in “air”. When I rotated it x=180, then there is not possible print 4 locks.

How set best support material for easy removing ?

It can be printed top-down without any problems. There is no need for support material.
Can you link to pictures that show the problem you experience?

how can it be printed without supports, when there is one oval hole (may be, it can be made as bridge), and 4 holders for bottom parts ( they must be supported in all cases)?
Same for bottom part. For it I tried “pillars”, but it is almost impossible then remove support parts.

PS: why this forum has not options for upload pictures ?


it just seems possible (i dont have the vm8001)
but if i look at it the hardest part from the print should be indeed the oval hole.
but for me it doesnt seems to be impossible.

and for the bottom plate you can also rotate it 270 degrees and for me it looks even better and easeyer to print


I printed the enclosure with no problem. If slic3r is properly set up, bridging the opening for the SD card is not a problem. I used the Velleman defaults for slic3R as supplied in the Velleman supplied download of Repetier host.