How does VM202N's music control works?

Hello everyone,

I am in a project where I want to control the music controls (Next/Previous/Pause song from an VM202N) with an IR Receiver, telling an Arduino to give an electrical signal to the module control pins, but I am afraid to burn the pins due to not knowing exactly how this music control works.

I’ve looked in the datasheets and asked to Velleman’s Customer Service with no luck. In the datasheets only appear the main Vc and ground pins maximum parameters, but not on these other pins.

I have tested each button state and all of them have a different voltage and current amount when pressed (because of the resistors), but that’s as much as i know of the working process of it.

I am a hobbyist starter on electronics, but extrapolating from Arduino, I suppose it is some kind of “amount of Volt or Amp detection” on the ground pin, that orders the module to do one or the other action? I would love to know how this works.

I highly appreciate any help, as I will learn from everything at this point.

Thank you